Wednesday, 30 July, 2008

This Is How I Feel After Working 2 Weeks of 4 10s+8 hrs OT!

Im glad it's going to be a lonnnng weekend!


The Myers Family said...

YUCK! Hope you get some REST!

Carol VR said...

Come on you can't be a work snob all your life. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches. Two more days. Just keep recited... two more days, two more days, two more days.

Okay, if you haven't fallen asleep yet... have a great night.

Ginger said...

Get a lot of rest we all enjoy your blog.Thank you so much for stopping by with such nice words big hug to you and your wonderful family enjoyed my self looking at your blog .Juat got my pc out of the shop the fan wasn't working and get hot hot weather 101 today so i had to have that fan working on pc. come see me again i'll be back checking on you and what yu been doing. hugs ginger(lovestodream)