Sunday, 31 August, 2008

Enjoying the family time!

Im enjoying the time off of work with my little family over the long weekend!And getting the girls ready to go back to school on Tuesday! later in the week before the weekwend G was having a hard week at work dealing with things (Everyone I think was just having a bad week )Thank God everything is Great now! Everyones Happy and smiling ! Im just so Glad that its going to be a good week after the weekend G has 2 days off of work with us for this long weekend. I been keeping the girls busy and burning off Maria's high batt. power. WOW Who's been feeding her sugar! lol I took the girls to little beach in Port stanley on friday morning wow it was nice to let the girls go wild and run and play on the beach,then let the girl walk in the water and play on the rocks boy the beach was died no one was around. It was so peaceful and just let the girls go crazy and burn out Maria! She was having a great time crawling up the rocks then crawling down them then going back into the water! I think I have a crab as a girl! heheheheeh
i wished i had my cam with me But nope it was right beside my PC.
for saturday it was lots of rest time for me, I've been working way to many hrs at work and boy it's nice having a very long weekend! G and I took the girls out for clothes shoping at my favorite store Vaule Village I found lots of outfits that looked new and never worn yet hehehehehe found some things for me too and G found a cool dress shirt that he liked! Today I think we are going out to the farm to see my parents then tomorrow Ive been invited for tea at Ruth's and HOT TUB TIME! No kiddies! time for mommies to spend some time together and chatt hehehehe over tea ! (A BIG POT OF TEA)
Well hope all you guys are having a great weekend!
sending hugs and kisses your way!

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BoufMom9 said...

How lovely to be enjoying your time with the family. There is just nothing better, is there?