Sunday, 10 August, 2008

a few pics to share with you well we were camping this week!

Maria and her new best friend Zoor where ever he was she was and he gave her TONS of kisses!
View of the water at the camp ground this pic was taken at a other family site that we meet we camping!
Megan with her new friend Zoor he's so sweet with children!

This pic was taken from our site the water was a cross the road it was so peaceful! to look at!

Can you see the shinny thing in the pic on the left side of the tree in the midle its a dragon boat
I loved our new site and the view of the water WOW loved it!
Maria dancing well we had a our fire and the wind turned towards well I took the pic cool afect!
Megan was dancing to the fire and the music!
We loved this site too and the view was so sweet G's going to book this site next year Yeah!
You can go right down to the water and fish We went down to the water a few times and the girls found tons of snails boy for being girlie girls they like to get drity lol hands full of snails mmmm yummy not! I dont think i would eat them lol

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