Tuesday, 2 September, 2008

Yeah The girls are back to School!

Our girls started back to School today! They both had a good day in the Classrooms! Maria's in SK and Megan's in Gr.2
Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you guys!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Congratulations to your sweet kiddos! Hope the taco soup was good!

Sandy Toes said...

Glad the first day of school was good! It is amazing that school is already here and Fall is Peeping around the corner!

-Sandy Toes

K said...

How exciting! Ah, I remember the first day of school...so nervous but so giddy!

Ginger said...

So happy you got them in and you have more time just to come be with us.Also i need you to come by please!Because I always enjoy your blog so much and you are so creative, I've chosen you to receive an award from my blog. If You would like to display it on your blog, please come on over and grab yourself a copy.
hugs ginger

Milk Mama said...

What is SK? Is it like pre-kindergarten? Wow! Your girls are getting bigger! I can't wait for that first day of school... nope, never mind. I can wait. But I know that it'll be fun to hear what she's learning each day! :D