Monday, 20 October, 2008

My House Smells So Yummy!!!!

Yep I've been busy baking again! Boy I told Megan & Maria that I was going to bake some Banana Bread. They were saying thanks mommy can we have some in our lunch for school? Boy that makes me feel so happy and loved!
~I was born to bake yummy treats~


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Yummy! Now I want some banana bread too!

Terri said...

MMMMMMM looks YUMMY!!! Can you send some for my lunch?

Meghan said...

Yo, you got an award...come see!

Carol VR said...

It's a good thing Gerald does all the cooking, or else the poor girls would know nothing other than banana bread for every meal.

I could survive on that,but could they???....LOL

You ought to have stocks in a banana plantation by now.

Ginger said...

Oh thats my fav.Banana Bread.
Right now iam having cup a coffee and slice of banana bread.Also i froze some .Sit down and enjoy your day.Thank you for dropping by was happy to hear from you.
hugs ginger

Sonya said...

I'm just catching up, but guess what we did yesterday too....baked!!! ALL day! Sugar cookies and cupcakes (2 dozen or so) and we gave it all away!! I love to bake it, but if we don't share it will go bad in our family! Crazy. Although Banana Bread wouldn't last the night in THIS house!!!! :)

Hope you are doing well and keeping warm!
Much love!!!