Wednesday, 17 December, 2008

I'm A Stay Home Mommy For now!

Yep that's right You heard me right Yeah! It's not even Dec.19 yet! But I'm happy to be home!
We got out our orders yesterday before 7am After that some of us started to pack up a few things~Empty our garbage cans~packed up more things~ moved things around~ took things a part.We didn't have to wait and be told to do it! We just did it! Well some just reported in to work at 6:30am and just did that! Well that's not me! Even swept the floor too I tried to keep busy,Well that didn't last long So by 10am I had nothing to do other then stand around and chat with other's for a bit! I took off and swept again in other parts of the factory ,I felt like I was getting in the way of others, So I Had this great Idea to check out my locker! On my way to my locker I told a co-worker If anyone needs me I will be at my locker (Boy it's looks better then standing around) I know I had a shopping bag in my locker so I started to put my sweater and my other belonging in the bag Wow that didn't take long! So I started to walk back to my area, Still at this point peeps just standing around fun! fun! fun! What to do to keep busy lol thank goodness it was almost lunch time! So I thought what do I do? Again!!!! I grabbed my family Photo's and showed my friends! Hehehehe (I'm bad!) Yes then It was lunch time!!!! thought It was never getting here! lol Well We got up to the lunch room and was told Oh you guys are done You guys can go home and report back here on Friday at 11:00am for Our Christmas Dinner I smiled at them and said thanks! see ya then! Went my merry way Walked over to my dear sweet friend Wanda chatted with her told her that I was done, She still had to stay to get their orders done . They still had a few jobs to do then clean up their area too. Well we were talking I told her that I will see her at the dinner and told a few others too that I would see them then, I said my good byes Went on my merry way out the door BBBrrrrr it was cold! Walked home and met my hubby at home He was home for lunch and to let out Jake our Doggie! Took him back to work came home and didn't nothing but relaxed and did a few loads of Laundry
Well I think it's time to say Good night to you all!
I think you guys might have sore eye's by on

Good Night everyone! Sweet Dreams!

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Darlene said...

Hey girl,

You can just enjoy being a stay at home mommy for a while. I'm sure you will get a new job quick enough!