Friday, 25 September, 2009

Oh Dear my Tea Kettle Kicked the bucket...

I was heart broken..My dear friend the Tea Kettle has gone to heaven....But I have this great idea for my old tea kettle I'm going to keep it as a watering can for my house plants...I took the cord off..I'm so happy that I can still give it a loving home..hummm G man never made a comment after I told him that I was keeping it..I really think me beeing green has wore off on to him too..heheheeh.

Then G Man came home with my new friend The new kettle Oh I'm so happy about my new kettle it works great and its black..It was so funny Megan got up this morning and seen the new kettle and said something...It was too funny...almost like we where getting up there in the tech world I had used it a few times today and love it... Well hope everyone has a great night..It's tea time and off to bed..Hugs♥

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