Monday, 1 February, 2010

It was a beautiful day

The sun was shining so beautiful...It was nice..still was a little cold ..but better then it was a few days ago..That was just crazy..I sure hope spring well be here soon..Today was my Moms Birthday..Called her and wished her a happy Birthday..and Tomorrow is ground hog's day..Hope that Spring will be here real soon..Don't get me wrong I do love the beautiful winter wonderland..But I really love the beautiful spring flowers more..and the really nice warm weather...

Well hope everyone has a great night..Hugs


Darlene said...

Glad you are having some nice weather. Happy Birthday to your Mom!! I am starting to get Spring fever too. Springtime is always so nice.

debi9kids said...

I'm missing warmer weather as well....

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Calls are so important to all mom's. Today still spring time weather here in calif. Little sprinkles there calling for today. Hope we get some.
Come on spring flowers.
hugs my dear friend

Shell in your Pocket said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your mom!

sandy toe

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn ~ Hope your Mother had a lovely birthday.

Enjoy Phil's prediction ... it will be a beautiful spring when it arrives & welcomed so.

Happy Valentine's ~
Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~Marydon

Ginger said...

A very Happy Birthday to your MOM,
I am ready for spring also, tomorrow we are suppose to get another 8" of snow.

glitter and roses