Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

2010 winter storm

* Please note this is not my photo I have found it on the net*
Good Evening everyone. We been having the yuckiest weather for more then 72 hours or more It had started on early Sunday morning and been snowing since then off and on.. Really bad Plows in ditches.. 18wheelers jackknifed on the Highways...Police telling drivers to stay off of the roads..I have not been to work since Friday Afternoon shift. My HR at my place of work is so wonderful she asked me if I would like to use some of my holidays for my snow days..The little ladies last day of school was on Friday too... school been closed and its not open tomorrow..
We been staying home and watching movies staying warm and cuddling under covers with botomeh pups on top thinking they are lap dogs hehehehe.G's been home too.. But not as long as the girls and I... G got sent home on monday afternoon and we are both hopping to be back to work tomorrow.. They are calling for more snow tonight
Well Im signing off.. Stay warm and safe...Hugs...♥

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