Saturday, 16 February, 2008

weather and a start of the weekend cold and feel like crap

well worked on Friday it went OK but still upset that i have to work on Family day but what can I do about that? Nothing Oh well But hey I get to take a day of when ever yeah Maybe take Feb26 off to renew my health card in town then only taking a half day but now i can enjoy a whole day hehehe. What can I do then lol well I was at work on Friday I started to feel like crap still not feeling that great but still worked on till 3:00pm got the girls and got Gerald from work came home ate and just rested the rest of the night away .Gerald had to go to work today for 8 so I got up with him and had a tea with him and started my day but still in my night wear never got changed or anything I tryed folded a load or two and cleaned the house sweep ed the floors Gerald came home and found me resting on the couch watching Rosanne not the greatest show but nothing was on lol .Gerald made us T-bone steak mm but never ate that much of mine Im sure going to bed early tonight just feel crappy It was a long week at work !
Little Maria had a B-Day party to go to at Mc Dicks tomorrow in the afternoon so Im hoping Im feeling better then and before the great big Family day at work yuck but Gerald has It off yeah
Hope you have a great night

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