Sunday, 10 February, 2008

Maria's party

Well let me tell you about Maria Birthday party! that she went to Boy! that's all she talk about well i was driving her to the party. Bryan and his two black labs and boy they are big dogs when we got to the door all you see was two black things running to the door . They were put out side before we came in lol friendly dogs I met Bryan's mom before at school very nice lady and got to met her hubby than boy they were very happy to see Maria we talked for abit and his mom asked me how Maria was with dogs well the 1st thing that came out of my mouth was OH SHE LOVES DOGS BIG OR SMALL His mom says great we will let them out before all the children get here so Bryan and Maria can play with them WOW! Maria was so happy to hear about that I asked her if she would like some help with anything and she said Oh we ll be fine so then Megan and I said our good byes .When we got to the car I asked Megan did you want to go see daddy and Megan said Yes Please I needed some things any way that G told me that was on sale this week so we went there for abit to see him and Nick Wow Nick was so upset that Maria was not with us Boy he loves Maria hes an older fellow and says Maria's just like her father HEHEHE boy they were very busy so we just said Hi and got our things and left Megan said Mommy do we have to go home and I said No what would you like to do Megan like I don't Know so we went to Cravings mmmm We love the shop so I bought Megan a raspberry cheesecake and a tea for myself ,date square and sat by the fireplace we had a few giggles Oh and talked about Megan's Party She told me that some of the girls were playing with the horses poop with sticks and all see said was yuck!!! and have few more giggles after we were done we had to go and get Maria back for her Party so we went to the house and Boy Bryan's Parents loves Maria so much

they all had a great time together before the party and during the party his mom was so happy that maria came that's all see talked about what a good little girl she was and all ways saying please and thank you to every thing that they offered Maria talked and talked my ear off lol very nice people I asked his mommy if she would like to get together for tea and a play date and she was so happy to hear that and her hubby said well its never to early to have a serious relationship as Bryan's already told hes parents that they were going to get married when they are older and have about 4boys and yes Maria told us about all this too. at that age they are so cute!Oh and before we could say our good byes Bryan's father asked Maria if see would like to say good bye to the big black dogs so she went with him to say good bye to the dogs and came back to us then his Dad says oh I'm going to get Maria's treat bag and Im going to put more in it because shes so sweet lol came back with a half bag of treats and things lol In my head I think great thanks get the high on sugar some of the parents were coming to get their children so we said or good byes and Maria ran to give Bryan a hug and we said thanks for having her and left as i was putting maria in the car Maria goes mommy I gave Bryan a kiss but mom don't worry I never kissed him on the lips I kissed him on hes cheek K mommy I was a GOOD GIRL boy i had lots of giggles that whole day man never a dull moment with her around lol so we had headed back for home cleaned up for abit the had to go get daddy from work and boy i was as tried from running here and there came home and had a glass of wine well i was in my nice jet tub well G was making t bone steaks on the bbq mmm and they were mmmmmmmmmmmmm and relaxed the whole night so hope you enjoyed reading my blog hope you had a few giggles a well have a great night

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