Saturday, 9 February, 2008

Welcome to my blog hope i dont talk your ear off in my 1st post

Welcome everyone to my new Blog

Well today I knew I was going to have a real busy day with the girls each had a Birthday party to go today. Megan was in the morning @9:30am-11:30 her friends party sound like it was going to be fun they were going to have a horse drawn wagon ride for 45mins then have a campfire also HOT CHOCOLATE and CUPCAKES than in the Afternoon Maria had a Birthday party to go to @ 1;00pm -3;00 it was at her little boyfriends home. Before all the fun with the two parties. I had to take G to work for 8;00 am After that came home to feed the girls there breakfast also get them ready to leave to take Megan to her party. It was on Fruit Ridge line. Few farm's away from QUAI De Vin Winery lol one of my favorite places to get wine hehehehe lol Well anyways I found the 911# that I needed. that was great I was so happy. Well the long lane way was not blowen out and I said to myself Wow they got a lot of snow" I hope I don't get stuck in the snow"Well Im driving everything is fine the girls and I met up with the guy that owns the farm. He was blowing out the snow for us before everyone got there but i was early like always never late for anything lol .So i got out of my car and asked the man I hope I'm at the right place for a birthday party . He says Yes in a cheer-full voice Yep U are and then he tells me leave your car right there and i will blow out a spot for you guys to park your cars i said great thanks with a big smile Wow hes fast so i parked the car and at this time i had no problems driving around on the drive way lol had turned the car around and sat waited for a few for everyone to get there guess what when everyone got there after me and after it was all blowed everyone was getting stuck on the icy snow due to the freezing rain a few days a go and then snow on top then melted and froz again the new snow on top this morning and drivin about 10 cars on the snow and ice it got even icier by the time the host showed up we were all parked safely .She was late she had a longer drive then all of us .So when she got everything together and was ready for the girls to start the party. Maria and I left the drive way savfly and drove to visit my parents for a tea thinking that they would be home but I missed them by 30mins they went to go see Al and his wife Margaret But Gary was home I had made tea for the both of us had a good visit with him Well Maria was playing with DJ the dog and sharing all the toys in the house with her. She was having fun playing Then it was time to leave and Maria got upset to go get Megan from the party well i headed back to get her came up to the drive way pulled in the long drive way please note most cars went in and out and the drive way went down on a bit of a hill don't worry maria and i are OK just the car was sliding down the hill and my foot was still on the brake slowly trying to slow the car down before getting down to the bottom of the hill well at the bottom there is a Sharp left turn guess what my car never stopped at all to make that funky turn it just wanted to go straight i felt like i was cralling down the hill the hole time was not going fast at all well the car stopped in some snow that stopped me .Wow that was fun and guess what i got stuck I tried to back up and guess what ? You know I was not moving anywhere .The guy heard and seen me still at this time the children were still having there campfire thank God laugh and said would you like me to put the snow back in the lane way for you I think i made the drive way to icy for everyone to move around as I had no problems getting through the snow when i 1st got there then and when i left and that's also what he said lol so we had a few giggles lol I felt like an dumb ass lol he told me that he was going to get the horses to pull me out and so it worked at this time i was still early before the party was done so that was good lol no one else seen this lol just him and i just seen the tracks lol it was funny after the fact that was my 1st time ever having a problem stopping in the snow wow it would be fun going down that drive way with a toboggan lets try it lol him and i had a few more giggles after it happened I think he see that a lot nothing new to him lol then all the other parents were showing up still at this point not seeing the children jet we were all talking outside at our cars then finally the kids came back to were we were all waiting we all grab our children and said thank you by then it was really cold standing there and we left. So when we left it was a lot easier going up then going down the hill The girls and i headed back to town to come home for fast lunch then left again to take Maria to her party Well anyways i will share later with you about Maria's party k good night

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Carol Van Rooy said...

Nice blog, Lisa. But the color contrast between the background and the writing is a bit hard to read. But it looks good and I proud of you for being able to do it. Have a great day and see you soon. Love ya, your favorite brother-in-law, John.