Monday, 3 August, 2009

We had a great longweekend..

Ontario Yours To Discover Displayed by Maria
Photo Taken By Megan
We enjoyed a great weekend of camping @ KOA campground just outside of Belmont, Ont. and the 401...It was the greatest they had a pool (that's open from 10am til 9pm) The little ladies sure enjoyed the pool and the park, mini, golf checker and snakes and ladder games And enjoying with other little childern too....There's one thing that KOA was missing they don't have any trails The girls still had a great time.. Maria Had the time of her life She got to pet Puppies and Doggies of different sizes and breeds..She tells everyone that she wants to be a Dog Groomer when she gets older... Well camping they also had a spa (hot tub) for the Adults...Where the pool it was sure nice to jump in the hot tub after working a few hrs @ Victorian Elegance on Friday and Saturday afternoon it was nice I didn't have to drive that far into work from the camp ground or back..We normally go camping to fanshawe conservation... And I didn't want to drive back and forth from London And I knew about KOA for the longest time ..So I thought It was a great time to check out KOA they have campgrounds all over Canada and USA.. And boy did we see really big RVs Pulling in and out as they toured Ont Canada..Well I was in the Hot tub I was talking to an older fellow.. He was from Maine USA and on his way to see family and friends in New York.. So they wanted to tour thu Ont Canada So they stayed a night @ KOA.. I never got to meet his wife...Well We were camping We also got to go to the drive-in...It was not even 5 Min's away from KOA We seen Harry Potter & the other movie..Well we didn't stay very long for that one it was Orphan...very wicked and twisted...I tell ya... So well left real fast...I thought it was going to be a family movie NOT......Well we took off fast....I was not impressed with the start of it....We took the gang back to the campground and put M&M to bed..After that G and I had some Tea and called it a night...Sunday and today I had both days off.. So I could really enjoy the weekend... We took the girls for mini golf and pool then a yummy treat on sunday...This morning we got up and enjoyed the park, pool.. then we packed up and left for home..We had a great time for sure..Oh ya they even had a Dog park there to Jaky really enjoyed himself there......Its a great place to camp..

Well hope everyone has a great night...


Ginger said...

What a great weekend loved all your stories. Hmm potter movie bad hum not for kids. Glad you warned us thought of taking few kids to it might pass on it now. Wanted to thank you my dear friend for dropping by my hubby's blog.
lord bless you for being so good to others on this net.So happy that i know you big hug my friend!

Milk Mama said...

That looks like fun! Oh to be a kid, huh? :) :) :)